Living with an Alcoholic: What to Know and How to Cope

Developing healthy habits to cope with stress instead of turning to alcohol will help you live a long and healthy life with better social and personal relationships. One of the most important health benefits of an alcohol-free lifestyle is a healthy liver. Due to prolonged alcohol intake, the liver starts to lose its ability to regenerate and that can cause serious permanent damage to it, often resulting in complete failure. Quitting drinking proves to be a blessing for the liver because if a person stops drinking before any permanent damage to the liver, it starts to heal and gain better health. The well-being of a person’s vital organs can be largely affected by the choices they make regarding alcohol use.

Every day might be different, depending on how controlled their drinking is or how alcohol or withdrawal is making them feel. Quitting alcohol for a month offers a mental and physical reset that can have surprisingly far-reaching benefits. Here’s a look at what happens to your body when you stop drinking for 30 days.

Sober Carpenter Takes The Wheat Side of Their White Ale & Goes to Town When It Hits Your Lips

So I’d be really interested to see where that market develops. Also, with young people staying at home longer, we’re seeing research reporting changes in parenting style, where parents are being less permissive. So young people have less access to alcohol in the first place. They might be socializing less in public spaces where they get their hands on alcohol underage. Plus & Minus wines are hand-made without artificial sweeteners and include grape skin extract which is naturally rich in antioxidants.

Keeping oneself distracted by the goal of staying fit is often a great help when trying to stay away from alcohol. With the goal to stay physically fit in mind, it is easier to resist alcohol and fight any urges. Moreover, exercise helps alcohol free lifestyle strengthen the mind and body which is extremely helpful in fighting off any urge to drink alcohol. Now that we have learned the potential benefits of an alcohol-free lifestyle, we can explore how to stay alcohol-free in your daily life.

Lower Cancer Risk

A month alcohol-free is a big accomplishment. This is usually when people start to feel their best after giving up alcohol. By this point, most physical withdrawal symptoms should have subsided and you should start to feel less anxious and more positive. After one week without alcohol, your risk of seizures is much less. Also, your risk of developing cardiovascular disease will start to decrease. Alcohol can increase your blood pressure and make your heart work harder.

I’m kind of you know, that workaholic, part of me has come out. And so finding balance can be hard sometimes, you know, yeah. Yeah, I just, I thought about my own journey.

Improved Relationships:

This method adds up to three months a year without alcohol, it could be an option for people who want to continue taking manageable breaks from alcohol beyond Dry January. Find support from family, friends, or social media groups. Share your delicious mocktail and alcohol-free recipes, or host a taste testing event to try out new non-alcoholic products! If you want to reduce your alcohol use and stop drinking, there is help and support for you. Behavioral interventions, medications, and social support can all play a role in your alcohol recovery.

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Because up until then, I never really took it seriously. I just always kind of wore it as this like badge of honor. And it scares me, because if I was still drinking, I probably think a lot of that stuff was still really funny. You know, because, one back in the day, I didn’t even know that the reason I woke up at 3am, every night was not because I had insomnia was because I was drinking. And that was, you know, a physical effect that I didn’t even realize, you know, with your heart pounding and anxiety and not being able to fall asleep again, till four or five in the morning. I didn’t realize that association, or I didn’t even realize like, the reason I was having increasing anxiety and panic, and all the things was actually because of my drinking.

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